AVC organization has successfully implemented several sustainable projects namely, Economic empowerment project, Invest in One child project, Disability Empowerment Project, After-school project since it has established in 2013. Our current ongoing project(s) and campaign(s) includes:

1.Bike4Empower Project Campaign

In rural areas of Tanzania, many students walk about 10-15 km to schools daily. This led to poor attendance and low performance in their studies. In these areas some students walk along shortcut roads in heavy forests that leave them at risk of being attacked by wild animals. Under this circumstance, sometimes girls ask for lifts from motorbike taxis (boda boda) who in turn seek sexual favors from them.
As a result of these experiences, many girls end up with unwanted pregnancy and dropout of schools. According to the World Bank report (2020) every year in Tanzania about 5,500 students drop out from school due to pregnancy. This is where we step in to establish Bike4Empower Project that aims at empowering vulnerable girls in rural areas of Tanzania who are walking long distances to school with bicycles to improve their school attendance and performance, and at the same time, giving them sexual reproductive health education.

Did you know that one bicycle!

  • Can prevent a girl from dropout to school in some rural areas of Tanzania!
  • Can protect student with a risk of being attacked by wild animals in some rural areas of Tanzania!
  • Can protect a schoolgirl from unwanted pregnancy in rural areas!

2.Michezo ni Afya” Physical and mental health Education Project

We are providing physical and mental health education for children and youth in underserved communities in Dar es salaam region through sports and games. This project aims at promoting children and youth talents while building their capacities by providing free mental health education.