Our Mission

We promote and improve the livelihoods of the children and disadvantaged groups in undeserved communities through equal education and life-skills training programs.

Our Commitments

Reproductive health Education

We provide sexual reproductive health education to adolescents while building their ability to remain free from unwanted pregnancy and prevent them from school dropout.

Capacity building Programs

We provide advocacy platforms to make children and teenager voices heard, teaching them life skills and make communities more accountable to their needs and interests.

Economic Empowerment

We facilitate social change by strengthening access of destitute and vulnerable community members to life-sustaining opportunities such as entrepreneurship, financial education and other business development opportunities.

What People Say About Us!

Everyone is very genuine and helpful to the volunteers. I could not have asked for better team leaders and colleagues. They accommodated all my needs and provided me with exactly the type of volunteer experience I wanted. They were willing to customize my interests to what I wanted to do and had the local links to the community. Hatibu really believes in the organization and its causes and he is very organized.” Lisa from Canada

“It is a really important skill to be able to take input and advice from others, especially when it about something you have worked really hard on. You guys are great at this! Your energy and commitment to the issues you care about. It’s really inspiring to see how hard you all work; your effort is a testament to how much you care about the projects you are taking on while involving your community” Emma from USA

“The connections you’ve built with other organizations and individuals. It seems like you’ve made some good relationships with other organizations; make sure you maintain these ties and stay in correspondence with them. Same thing with people: you do a great job talking to and appreciating your volunteers, so keep it up!.” Laula from USA

Our Campaign

Did you know that one bicycle!

  • Can prevent a girl from dropout to school in some rural areas of Tanzania!
  • Can protect student with a risk of being attacked by wild animals in some rural areas of Tanzania!
  • Can protect a schoolgirl from unwanted pregnancy in rural areas!

Our Partners