Support the project to stop the killing of people with albinism in Tanzania

“In Tanzania, people with albinism suffer numerous abuses of their human rights. This is largely due to a range of misconceptions based in myth and religion”.

There have been hundreds of cases where Albinos have had their body parts cut off and Tanzania is currently has the highest rate of killing of Albinos than anywhere in East Africa, over 75 deaths recorded (The total number of attacked is probably much higher) since 2010.

Predominantly in the lake district of Northern Tanzania, it is certain regions - Shinyanga Mwanza, Geita, Kagera and Mara regions it is believed that the Albino hair is woven in to nets will catch fish, in other regions it is believed that Albino legs will bring miners good luck to produce gold. Some children and women have been sold by their families to butchers. Albinosareconsidered unlucky and frequently killed at birth.

“According to the United Nations, nearly all attacks on people with Albinism in Tanzania since 2011 have been on children”.

Within the Shinyangaregions in rural areas more than 17women were reported to have been killed and more than 86 their body parts were removed from 2010 to 2014, this rate has increased day after day, as women with Albinism are killed and their body parts are removed because they cannot defend themselves.

Not enough is done to arrest and prosecute for the crimes, not enough effort is done to protect women with Albinism particularly within the Lake Zone areas and Tanzania in general. The first conviction was only in 2009.

Afri-Tanzania Volunteers for Change started this project as a way of eradicating the rate of killing people with albinism. By protecting people with Albinism while reporting people who are killing Albinos and violation cases to the police stations and other institutions.

We intend to improve awareness, advocacy and capacity building on the rights of people with Albinism in underserved communities of Lake Zone regions, Tanzania East Africa. Please support our emergency assistance to Albinos and their families stay in shelters for protection, and awareness campaigns in Tanzania.

We need donations to help us raise awareness with:
School Dialogues
Community Open Dialogues
Conduct Literacy Videos
Conduct Capacity Building (Workshops, Training, Seminars)
Develop Advocacy ,Media and Learning Materials

How can you help?

First: Make a donation for this project, 100% of the donations go directly to this campaign.

Second: Share this project and link it with otherson social media and make people aware of the human rights violations in Tanzania.
Consider how many lives you will save by either donating or helping us spread the word.

Budget: We are trying to reach €2,450 to cover the costs for our capacity to create awareness for this campaign.



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