Cultural exchanges and Language learning in host community
help stop poverty by empowering young entepreneurs
capacity building, awareness raising and advocacy
support orphans and poor children in local communities
fight against teenage pregnancy, early marriage and unexpected deaths


We believe that putting people at the heart of development is the only
way to make a real difference in the world.


We support disadvantaged communities, bring stories and experiences to the attention of the public, decision-makers and stakeholders.


We run entrepreneurship training courses and vocational training programs for disadvantaged groups in urban and rural communities


AVC is highly a recommended Non -Profit volunteering organization in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania offering a variety of volunteer opportunities.

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AVC Volunteer Center gives you opportunities to become involved with different community projects, meet with people from other cultures, learn local languages, and acquire various skills. It will give you satisfaction of knowing you are doing good and are involved within the local communities.

AVC volunteers work to fight poverty in Tanzania and change the lives of children and young people.

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Paula L. Adams, USA
Invest in One Child Project

"AVC’s volunteering program is a powerful, practical and a sustainable way to tackle poverty and assist the disabled in the community. It expresses human relationships and it gives the residents hope."

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